What we are looking for: 

Sure we are looking for beautyful girls but more importantly we want classy and confident brings more succes.

We offer 50-80%what a costumer pays. Your earnings will depend on which the programs you choose.

We welcome girls to:

  • Stay 7-21 days 
  • Stay in a house with 3-4 other girls (Own room each)
  • You must be a European citicien or be in the Shengen.
  • Need to be over 18 years old 


We have limited places for 4-5 hostesse on a same time!

So what is next?

You can contact us and ask us anything you would like to know 

WhatsApp +41 78 6661106 (24h) or call us (12am-12pm).


When you register, we will give you a password so you can access our FAQ`s to find answers to questions you haven`t thought of yet!